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See Big Appetites
at AAF Singapore
20-23 November 2014

Fatal accidents during the harvest were rare. But when they did happen, the juice stains made an open casket impossible.    
Maggie’s holiday newsletter pictures were as obnoxious as ever.
What had begun as a cyber friendship had advanced into a full-on tropical-scuba-trip bromance.
Melon Builders
Walter was intrigued by the idea of setting off on a journey and becoming irretrievably lost.    
Sam and Ava thought that exposing their kids to exotic foods early would make them less picky eaters.
Elliott finally found a place where he could smoke without being bothered.
Ramen Perch
Sheldon liked to think carefully about his approach as opposed to just diving into the work.
Pineapple Builders    
Pear Crane Operators